Best Cardiff weight loss success story – Tony lost 30 pounds in 10 weeks

My name is Tony, I’m 54 years old and I sell residential real estate in Cardiff. Why am I here? To get rid of this, uh… To get rid of the “baby”. I have a let myself go. I just got overwhelmed with work and being busy, and it all goes right here. It’s a mental thing, you know. Sometimes you know when you’re ready to do something, and I’m ready. 10 weeks from now, I’m gonna drop this weight and get back into shape. I lost 30 pounds in ten weeks with the Max Trainer. Unbelievable! I lost more than half of my body fat. I look younger. I look healthier. The results were amazing. The thing that I love most about the Max Trainers, is I did it early in the morning, get my energy up, my metabolism going. You want to get in shape? The interval training, there’s nothing that’ll do it faster.

Well, you know, you push yourself really hard for 30 seconds and then you’ve got 30 or 40 seconds where you dial it back, and you get to rest, but you’d be surprised at how many calories you can actually burn. 300 calories in 14 minutes. That’s an hour on another machine. This is 14 minutes! You can pull you can push. I mean, I felt it in my biceps and triceps, my legs, my butt. I got lean with the Max Trainer. No pain in the knees. No pain in the back. I feel alive, I have so much energy. I want to make this a part of what I do because to be 54 and be in the best shape of my life is a pretty amazing thing.

The Max Trainer changed my life and I advice anyone here in Cardiff or elsewhere in the word to go for it to get their body in shape again.

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Cholestelor and heart disease

Ever since the 1950s, and perhaps more today than ever, people are terrified of cholesterol. Some landmark studies found cholesterol to be associated with heart disease, other people picked it up and the idea snowballed into a nationwide, if not a global low-cholesterol frenzy.

Unfortunately, the research implicating cholesterol as a cause of heart disease was (and continues to be) far from conclusive. Some studies have found cholesterol in general to be correlated with heart disease, and still more have found LDL cholesterol to be associated with heart problems, but no cause and effect relationship has been established.

Current scientific understanding suggests that cholesterol itself has nothing to do with actually causing heart disease, but the same processes that raise cholesterol and specifically LDL cholesterol also lead to higher rates of heart disease.

So why is this important? It’s important because specifically lowering cholesterol through drugs has virtually no effect on reduction of heart disease. It’s still good to look for ways for how to lower LDL naturally, but only because the process targets the core causes that raise LDL cholesterol, not the cholesterol itself.

Another important thing to note is that a low fat diet plan or a low cholesterol diet plan isn’t a good way to target the processes that lead to higher cholesterol. Dietary fat from whole food sources doesn’t cause heart disease and neither does dietary cholesterol. Humans have eaten foods high in fat and cholesterol for thousands of years, but heart disease has only become a leading cause of death in the last few hundred years.

Recent research suggests that the causes of heart disease, as well as virtually all disease of civilization (diseases that are virtually non-existent in hunter-gatherer populations) are caused by new additions to our diets that we didn’t evolve to process properly, not cholesterol or saturated fat.